Friday, October 29, 2010


I discovered this project on DickBlick's website ( and thought we'd give it a shot in our after-school art program.

Bonnie and I try to put together a variety of projects for our kids and collages always seem to be a favorite and this was something we hadn't tried.

What was so fun about this particular project was to see the kids put together materials in both abstract and realistic ways. With the paper, the tulle fabric, yarn, ribbon, tissue paper, watercolor, phone book pages, black construction paper, fabric and faux gold leafing we provided for the kids, the layering and the textures that were created on the piece of muslin were so varied and interesting. You really can't go wrong with this collage. I hope to do this project again!

Samples of one of our kids'
Fiber Fusion Collages

Below are pictures of the collage I put together. The key to this project is the glue + water mixture that you use to cover the muslin before you place your variety of materials and putting a good layer on top. Once it is completely dry, the collage can be folded, rolled up, or used for a variety of things because it's flexible just like fabric!
I chose to first cover my muslin with watercolor washes.
My final Fiber Fusion Collage.

(Can I just say, in all the years I've been an art teacher, why I hadn't ever come across freezer paper is beyond me!?! should be a staple in anyone's supplies. It is the best!)

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