Thursday, November 28, 2013


To all of those ladies who have taken my classes throughout the years, in August 2013, I had to make some changes to my personal schedule.  These changes affected how many card classes I could teach and sadly I had to make a decision to drop one of my classes.  So August 2013 class at Heartfelt was my last.  I'm thankful to Vicki and her staff for giving me the opportunity to teach at her store, especially since I went into her store last-minute in December 2011 to see if she would allow me to move my class that I had been teaching at Roberts Crafts on 106th to her store.  Fortunately she said "yes" and it was a pretty smooth transition as Roberts Crafts closed their doors unexpectedly.  Anyway, I'm appreciative for the time I was able to teach at Heartfelt and for the ladies who supported me there.  For now I'm teaching my card class at Heartland Paper Co. in Bountiful.  I hope you can join me there.

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